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  • Beaches you have to visit in Mykonos

    Mykonos’s most valuable tourist asset is its beaches. The island, and especially the southern coast, features an impressive number of beaches-some of the finest in the Aegean.Access is by road and, in summer, also by fishing boat or water taxi. Leading out of Hora, there is a small beach that holidaymakers and locals often patronize, while continuing south,…

  • 10 places you have to visit when in Mykonos

    Of course Mykonos is known for many things but here are the 10 most important places you have to visit before leaving the island Panagia Paraportiani church Windmills Little Venice Ano Mera’s monastery Matogianni Street Lighthouse Armenistis Panigiraki Castle Mykonos waterfront Paradise Beach & Super Paradise Beach Delos Island

  • 1ο Mykonos Art Festival

    The 1st Art Festival in Mykonos began successfully on Saturday 23/6/2108. Full of art and culture promises interesting events and concerts with fine artists that the island, its inhabitants and visitors will be able to enjoy. It only remains to wish success and with great enthusiasm its completion and continuity for the coming years.